We Are 3M Specialized

Protect Your Tesla
with 3M Films

with 3M Paint Protection Films (PPF)
 & 3M Window Tint

Jomawraps 3M PPF


3M’s clear paint protection film are designed to protect your Tesla against the elements and are professionally applied by a paint protection film installer. Scotchgard paint protection film pro series clear and matte films are backed by a 10 year warranty. Clear bra protects against rock chips and keeps your car looking newer longer.

3M Window Tint

As an Authorized Window Film Dealer, we have certified installers trained by 3M to ensure a quality product from start to finish.
Get your Tesla a car window tinting glare reduction, improve comfort, protect your car’s interior, and block UV rays by 3M Automotive Window Films.

3M Tesla Window Tint

Get your Tint the way you want!

Customize your Tint