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Authorized Window Film Dealer. Certified installers trained by 3M ensures a quality product from start to finish. Car window tinting glare reduction, improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors, and blocking UV rays are hallmarks of 3M Automotive Window Films.

3M Window Tint

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3M was issued the first sun control window film patent in 1966, and our innovative window film products have helped provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays for over 50 years. Put the innovation of 3M to work for you. The skin cancer foundation recommends the use of window film in automobiles, commercial, and residential buildings due to its properties that screen out UV rays.

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3M™ Automotive Window Film

  • Clearly Reliable. The Ceramic Series delivers outstanding heat reduction and clarity you can rely on for years to come.
  • Advanced ceramics in the film reject up to 59% of total solar energy and up to 80% of infrared rays – all while retaining great visibility.
  • Blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light to provides a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 810 for you and your passengers.
  • Reduces up to 60% of the glare from blinding sunlight, allowing you to see better and focus more on driving.
  • Sold and installed by 3M™ Authorized Dealer Installers, our films are durable, virtually maintenance-free and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Terms to know

Visible Light Transmitted (VLT)

The percentage of visible light that passes directly through filmed glass: the higher the number, the lighter the film.

Infrared Rejection (IR)

The percentage of infrared light rejected by the film on the glass. Infrared light is primarily responsible for the heat you feel when driving.

UV Rejection (UV)

The percentage of ultraviolet light that is rejected by filmed glass. Ultraviolet light contributes to sunburn and other harmful skin conditions and to the fading and deterioration of fabrics and leather.

Glare reduction

The percentage by which visible light is reduced by the addition of film.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

3M Tint is backed by a limited lifetime warranty , one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Sold and installed by professional 3M Authorized Dealer Installers. Our films are durable, designed to last, maintenance free, and never turns purple.


Superior UV Protection

Blocking up to 99.9% ultraviolet(UV) light, 3M car window tint film provides a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000+ providing vehicle occupants with significant protection from harmful UV rays and protects interior from fading and cracking.

Stay Cool Look Cool

3M car window tint film makes your car look cool on the outside and helps keep you cool on the inside. Rejecting up to 97% of the heat-producing infrared rays, giving you the ultimate in comfort.

Increase Privacy and Protection

Increase privacy for you, your passengers, and and valuables with 3M car tint. The inability to see into a car can deter theft ,add safety and peace of mind. With automotive tint glass will break in one piece making it shatter resistant.

3M PPF and Ceramic

See Clearly and Safely

3M anti glare window film significantly reduces the glare from blinding sunlight with low visible light reflectivity and no mirror-like appearance to disrupt your view out, allowing you to see better and concentrate more on driving. Designed to enhance your visibility day and night by allowing visible light into your vehicle while keeping heat out.

Stay Connected

3M auto tint is developed with a non-metallized design that will not interfere with electronics, GPS, satellite radio, or mobile devices signals, including 5G.

Window Film Options

Color Stable Series

3M Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series rivals tinted factory glass in its rich appearance. Since the nano-carbon is dispersed throughout the thickness of the film, it ensures years of performance. The Color Stable Series incorporates a unique process for producing nano-carbon polyester. This revolutionary process allows for maximum heat rejection without a metal film layer, which can interfere with radio and/or satellite signals. It also gives the film a stylish look with outstanding color stability, so it never turns purple.

Ceramic IR Series

3M Automotive Window Film Ceramic IR Series offers great infrared rejection for optimal comfort and is available in a an attractive neutral color. The Ceramic IR Series was developed with a nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared rejection. This 3M technology is compatible with 5G devices to stay connected.

Crystalline Series

3M Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series rejects more heat than many dark films without changing the appearance of your vehicle, making it the superior choice for comfort. The Crystalline Series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film nano-technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a “Post-it” Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films. Thin film technology is a core competency at 3M, and the multilayer film technology we incorporate in our newest window film is similar to those 3M developed for use in a range of trusted products found in your home or office.