Mirror Wrap with 3M Film

How to Apply 3M Film to a Car Mirror

Start by cleaning the area with propyl alcohol and water using a microfiber washcloth. Measure out the proportions needed to cover the entire surface.

Depending on the shape of your side mirrors, you may need to wrap them in two pieces. Designate the first and second parts of the mirror with knifeless tape. Then, apply the first section. *Note It may be easier to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Apply the vinyl over the rest of the surface. Stretch the film so there are no wrinkles.

Shrink the film around the edges with a torch to tighten it. Once it’s tight, use a squeegee to smooth out the remaining air bubbles and wrinkles in the film. Be sure to move over the edges, too.

Trim the remaining vinyl using the knife-less tape. Flatten any remaining wrinkles with a torch and a squeegee. Let settle for a few days, before cleaning the surface with soap and water.

How Much is too Much Stretch?

“You know you’ve stretched it too far when it starts whiting-out because it separates the color from the film. When you feel the adhesive side and it doesn’t stick anymore, you overdid it.”

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